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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The War on WOMEN is REAL! Here's the Proof-Part 1-Introduction.

The War on WOMEN is REAL! Here's the Proof-Part 1-Introduction.:

I began this research a week ago. I’ve been watching people from the right say over and over that the “War On Women” doesn’t exist…or that it was made-up by the Democrats. I wanted to look at the bigger picture, to see it in some sort of organized form, based on each of the States and set-up alphabetically.
For each of the 50 States, I searched by the name of the State and the key words “anti-women bills.” I found anti-women legislation in all States except nine of them. The nine exceptions were: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington. This doesn’t mean there are no anti-women bills in these States, it just means that I didn’t find any.
This is NOT a complete list of the hundreds of new anti-women bills being proposed around the Country. I only included the most recent or most egregious bills listed when I conducted my search.
This is part one of a 7 part series. Links to the rest of the series are on the page linked above.

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