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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Delivering for America - Petition For Strengthening USPS

Delivering for America - Petition For Strengthening USPS

Every day, hundreds of thousands of dedicated letter carriers keep the economy moving by transporting letters and shipments to businesses and consumers. They provide senior citizens with the medications that they rely on to stay healthy. They deliver financial documents that we all count on, like paychecks and bills. By foot and by air, by truck and by boat, the Postal Service goes the extra mile in cities, towns and rural communities all across America.
Unfortunately, short-sighted decisions and proposals in Congress are putting these services at risk.
The U.S. Postal Service needs real reform to address the changing needs of the 21st century, but cutting key services upon which Americans depend is NOT the right way to do it. American citizens and businesses need the Postal Service to deliver.
Strengthening USPS, not shrinking it, is the best way forward for this great institution – and for America.
Sign the petition to show your support for reform that will strengthen the USPS in the 21st century.

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