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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Documents Detail Coordination Between Republican Party And Right-Wing Media -

Documents Detail Coordination Between Republican Party And Right-Wing Media -

Ever noticed how for years it appeared that the right-wing in this country appeared to be working in lock-step? Every right-wing media outlet discussing the same topics in the same way as every right-wing politician? From Benghazi to the debt crisis, the talking points were point for point identical. There was a reason for this, Grover Norquist has held weekly planning sessions for the Republican Party and other conservative groups for years now. Held at the same time every week, this meeting has been the go-to event for those seeking to establish themselves within the conservative movement. As a result, he has been able to control the message by both lawmakers and lobbyists.

This consolidation has made him quite influential, but as with many such sessions, it becomes a case of haves, and have-nots. And with the loss of the election, a coalition of interests has decided on stepping away, and created their own weekly meeting. Calling itself Groundswell, this group has been steadily growing in strength, sapping the attention away from Grover Norquist’s weekly shindig, and the name list is getting quite impressive. With Ginny Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, as the main planner, this group has set as its goal to control the message which Grover Norquist had no masterfully managed, and for doing it, they have embedded themselves with the right-wing media. Not just invited media to observe, as Grover Norquist has done for decades, but actually implanted the media in the brainstorming sessions themselves.

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