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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Republicans Are Wearing Driving Millions Into Poverty as a Badge of Honor

Republicans Are Wearing Driving Millions Into Poverty as a Badge of Honor

This group of Republicans have shown a religious inclination to create poverty, kill jobs, and impede economic recovery, and just when it appears they reached a new low, they dig a little deeper and find another demographic to punish. Americans may think they can withstand one year of the sequester cuts, but it is a ten-year plan that will increase next year when a full year’s worth of cuts go into effect. The Republicans passed a farm bill giving $195 billion to agricultural corporations, and yet found SNAP (food stamp) funding extraneous and left it out of the bill. They are gearing up to hold the debt ceiling increase hostage unless the President adopts the Ryan budget privatizing Medicare, slashing Social Security, and eliminating nearly all domestic programs, and if Americans think the sequester is bad, they have no idea what GOP cruelty entails. Republicans are unfazed that their handiwork is driving millions of Americans into poverty and burying those already in poverty in hunger, homelessness, and ill-health, and while any American with an ounce of humanity is repulsed at the state of tens-of-millions of their fellow citizens, Republicans are celebrating and plotting the next wave of cuts to create an entire population of impoverished Americans.

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