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Friday, August 2, 2013

Want a Jail Cell Upgrade? That’ll Be $155 a Night

Want a Jail Cell Upgrade? That’ll Be $155 a Night |

A detention center in Fremont, California is the most recent jail in the state to let inmates pay to stay in a newer, less-crowded facility than the regular county jail. For $155 per night — about the cost of a three-star hotel — both men and women convicted of misdemeanors can bunk in a special area of the Fremont Detention Center instead. While the new lodging option was intended to boost revenue and reduce overcrowding in county jails nearby, critics say the “alternative confinement program” is really just a jail for the rich.
Jimmy Kimmel monologue on the jail. (funny) -
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Information about the program on the Fremont Police's own website. -

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